Lake Okanagan Kelowna BC July 7-9 2006 Telus Wakefest


TELUS Wakefest welcomes the Pro Wakeboard Tour...

This year's TELUS Wakefest is guaranteed to be non-stop excitement as the Pro Wake Tour (PWT) rolls into Kelowna, BC for the fourth round of competition in their five round tour. Spanning from Orlando, FL to Kelowna, BC, the PWT is one of the ultimate titles a wakeboarder can receive, as they accumulate points at each stop. Scored on wake tricks, use of apparatus and composition, each rider will have to throw down their best skills to make the final round.

PWT Rules/Format

Wakeboarding is the fastest-growing water-sport in the world - increasing over 100 percent in participation over the past three years. It is a combination of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and water skiing. Carving turns through the water by rocking and leaning with their board, wakeboarders are renowned for their daring acrobatics and spins as they soar through the air, reaching heights in excess of 25 feet.

The 2006 Pro Wake Tour is comprised of five events across North America with a competition format that varies slightly dependent on the body of water. Three pieces of apparatus - including sliders and jump ramps - will be placed on the course for riders to hit in addition to their wake tricks.

Riders will be judged on the difficulty and proficiency of the moves they execute, how big they go, the variety of moves they perform, and on the creativity and fluidity of their routine. A maximum of 100 points can be earned for a routine. The judges will score the contestants in each of the following three categories:

  • One "wake" judge looks at the proficiency of the rider on tricks using only the wake.
  • One "slider" judge looks at how the rider performs in terms of the use of apparatus.
  • Three "composition" judges score on the overall composition of the run in terms of the rider's ability to perform a variety of maneuvers (wake and sliders) in a flowing creative sequence.

A rider's final placement is averaged from 3 scores: the "Wake" judge, the "slider" judge and the average of the three "composition" judges. The maximum score for any rider is a 97 signifying first place on all of the judges sheets.

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